A summer tradition
for generations

The juke box is at your table.  The lemonade is icy cold and freshly squeezed.  The root beer is straight out of the barrel.  The hot dogs are famous and the real Slovenian sausage, cheeseburgers and fries are legendary.  The chili is a homemade original old world recipe created by Eddie’s mother, Mary Sezon.

For generations, Eddie’s Grill has been serving up classic 50s style summer American fare in Ohio’s oldest summer resort town.  Take a trip back in time with us at Eddie’s Grill at Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. We hope you enjoy your visit!

“The recipe for Eddie’s success
is deceptively simple:

…offer all-American favorites — hamburgers, footlongs, french fries and fresh lemonade — at reasonable prices in an immaculate ’50s-style diner. If you give customers a good experience, they will come back. With their friends. For generations. That’s the Eddie’s Grill story.”  from “My Ohio: Lessons in Short Orderby John Gladden,  Ohio Magazine contributing editor, July 2013